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Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome and catch-up


This blog is new to blogspot - I previously hosted it on Xanga for a little over a week, but I decided to switch to here. So, what I am going to do is post the last week from Xanga on this blog to get everyone caught up to date.


Friday, August 05, 2005

And so it is Friday - and I am at work waiting for my time to come...


Bought a really good bottle of dark rum - Gosling's. Added to a coke it is pure heaven. Dark rum really seems to bring out the best out of rum and cokes. I'd say its closer to whisky in taste than your typical clear rum like Ron Bacardi. I shall be enjoying another tonight.

Hot girlfriend love at 1am and then again 5 am last night. I am so tired and somewhat sore right now. Also need to reorder from using my frequent customer discount card (not joking , it's much cheaper that way.)

Tonight is my friend's 22nd birthday, and a ball we shall have. BBQ food, large margaritas, and then out on Ludlow street on the Lower East Side. She's one to watch too - she is the type of girl where you never really know what crazy thing is going to happen. I will make sure that I have my digital camera charged and ready and I will try to put the most embarrassing one from the night on this site soon!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hasta Luego,

Tuesday, what a day. Reality television bears its fruit every Tuesday as MTV's demographic killers The Real World and MTV's The 70's House air and ruthlessly entertain people like me. I turn off my pessimistic view of the media and simply enjoy MTV's take on young people at large.

Also on after those shows is Laguna Beach, which I haven't been able to grasp my claws around yet. In an attempt to seem real the characters pretend like the camera isn't there which for some reason makes me think it's scripted (because obviously, the camera is there.) I am also older than these kids and their dumb surfer dude / ditzy blond personas make them seem that much younger. Maybe someday. My 18 year old girlfriend can relate...

Entertainments for the day include giving a book to a fellow office worker for her birthday. Watching someone receive a heartfelt gift is so very satisfying.

Entertainments for the up and coming Wednesday night will include much debauchery and consumption - two of my favorite things. As well as the use of other party favors... In a related story, my flatscreen tv plays these music related visualizations that are just ridiculous. Current decision to be made is: Jim Beam or Appleton Estates?-


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Needing the sleep: Today was going to be conquer the world day, but I think I nap may be in order. Work, oh work.


Office desk put together as favor for friend involving 29 pieces of wood and hundreds of fasteners/hinges/glides. Believe you me, never again. Nobu Nextdoor: Disconcerting eating experience at sushi bar bettered by amazing sushi. Girl behind me was wearing a tiara. I bet she's a bitch. Meal bought for me because of manual labor (see above.)

Throwing all knowledge of web design and layout out window and accepting that I have to use Xanga's template look.

Online Java games at - best part of my day. GoldenBrew Free Online Games.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Greetings masses,
diligentlytly scraping together this inaugural entry is more difficult than preserving star shaped ice cubes in the depths of New York's public transportation system. My left hand is clinging to the Alt-Tab key vicinity ready to pounce at the slightest hint of an unruly coworker looking for something or someone to look down upon. Basically, I shouldn't be doing this at work. I have guilt, but its only visceral - no one is really going to invade my cubicle and denounce my misdoings.

Entertainments for the day and previous weekend include:

Crazy man in dollar store with uncontrollable falsetto yelp and sweatshirt minus armpit fabric making myself and all the other dollar store regulars feel uncomfortable.

Wedding Crashers, Owen crooked nose Wilson and Vince always same character Vaughn laying bimbos and getting sucked into scary high society. So funny it hurts.

Clerk at neighborhood grocery store who made me verbally agree that I was indeed 21 when purchasing 40 of bud light.

Maxim sex survey from March issue that my girlfriend and I filled out and that led to a 3 condom, 2 hour, and every horizontal surface in the room romp followed by a refreshing Edy's frozen strawberry fruit bar.

Birthday celebration at the Lower East Side's Darkroom, where I and my almost trendy friends traded war stories and drank bottomlessly in the honor of my roommate. This after a pregame that involved the always popular drinking game, pass the whisky around the circle till its empty.

143rd viewing of American Pimp, the documentary of how the America's favorite neighborhood characters live and work. This city is included, of course, and referred to with a gruff accent as New York, the city and the state by a pimp with a very pleasant view of central park. Amazing and only $9.95 at Best Buy, the chain that refuses to sell the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because of its perverse content.


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