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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wine no dine

The power of wine. The lovely girlfriend stopped by at about 10 last night, bringing a bottle of Yellowtail and Jack Daniel's with her. Good girl. It's not too often when the girl brings the booze. Because the Yellowtail wasn't cold (and a few more snobbish reasons) I swapped it for the wine you see to the right. It was amazing, absolutely delicious, and the perfect way to end a night. Well, not end it... The night started after that and went on for almost an hour and half.


Well, the whole above paragraph is one.

Due to a cold, I am using this Zicam product that is a little unusual. You take a zinc gel marinated q-tip and insert into your nasal cavity, holding it against the sides of your nasal passage while the potent zinc gets absorbed into your mucus membranes. It feels like a push to your sinuses, or a weak hit of a snorted stimulant. I hope this works.


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