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Friday, August 12, 2005

Games, my history of.

Computer and video games are one of the things i really do enjoy as well. My parent's generation has a hard time associating them with other more traditional types of leisure activities and therefore do not have any signifigant effect on the market for them. Imagine 30 years from now, when there is a decently sized population of middle aged people who play computer and video games. The market stands to double, or maybe even triple.

With the Sims, which I respect and have played a number of times, the gaming market was opened wide to women who were turned off by the selection of the more male orientated game genres of sports/driving/action games. At this moment in time, the gaming market makes more money each year than the motion picture market. The big dollar stars of tomorrow will be game designers and game studios. Glamour, however, is one thing that is hard to propagate in the oh-so-unglamourous profession of computer programming.

I thought I would share a few games that really got me into computers and made me respect the video game industry. I spent countless hours playing these games when I was younger, and it was time well spent.

Ultima Underworld
Sim City 2000
Sim Tower
Age of Empires

I think these will stand the test of time, and be enjoyable to play many decades from now...

I also played a new java arcade game that is great called Diamond Dig. Aside from the involved games listed above, I enjoy a good quick arcade style game. The microsoft entertainment pack was great for this.

Enough about games, its Friday, and tonight should be interesting.


Upcoming free shots from bartender friend at McFadden's Irish Pub. Free and shots are two of my favorite words.

To be consumed tonight: leftovers from bottles of Georgi Vodka, Gosling's run, and a little bottle of Jack Daniels.

A movie or two to be watched before the peak of tonight: The Fisher King and The Thomas Crown Affair.

The rest of the night: fun things to be decided later.


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