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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Las Veganite

My vacation's over - whooohaaa. No wait, I love vacation, and i detest work. Surprise. Well, another 6 months and its minor raise percentage time, so I'm just holding out for the good stuff.

Vacation was wonderful, though somehow a little empty. Las Vegas is an empty city, no doubt, but those lights weren't shining that bright this time. Now that I'm not a stranger to Las Vegas, I've learned to look past the glitz of the strip and into the real Las Vegas. It's not pretty either - the streets of urban Las Vegas leave little to the imagination, showing their filth and poverty from the car window. Basic fact of life here is that Las Vegas supports two major groups of people: underpaid service workers (cleaning staff, doormen, card dealers) and struggling performers. The rich don't live here, they merely visit. Not many would commit themselves to this desert outpost willingly. I still love it though, and I think the dynamic of a town built to serve the tourist is interesting and never sour. Every new year, more casinos are built, giving those familiar with the place another reason to come back. I prefer the shabby casinos, the ones who still look like mob outposts and gambling-anonymous meeting halls.

Will I be back next year? Sure bet.

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