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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bringin' college back

New wave on the Internet. Well actually - thought it was the old wave at home depot near your average state university. To the point: ever bong a beer? As in, using a beer bong/ beer funnel to drink the beer in a few seconds as opposed to lumbering with the whole can to lip drinking process. How college is that? If you've never done it, you might as well get it over with as you'll probably just grow more awkward with drinking feats and eventually be unable to perform this one for your stunned grand children. Anyone can do it of course, its just simple physics and a little pure will. You can buy these beer bongs online, of course, and the best place to get it is Beer Bongs. The point of this site being a make it your way funnel purchase. There are configuration tips for people lacking common sense or already having ingested too much alcohol. What can I say, I'm bringing college back.

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