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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Craigslist Personals

Later, the most amusing thing, but now some back story: If you haven't been on craigslist through some miracle of sheltering, it is a basically one big community classifieds section. One popular and scandalous section is the personals casual encounters where people meet up for nookie. Most of the ads are obscene or appear to be jokes, but they are amusing nonetheless.

So the other day on my friend's birthday, he decided he would test them out, so to speak, and post an ad of his own. He mandated he wanted a young girl who attended the same college he did. He got a few spam responses, some dude, and finally one response that appeared quasi-normal. Moving along a little, they exchanged pictures and decided to meet. The two possibilities most likely were that he was either going to be jumped or arrested.... or both. To his surprise it was a real girl, and she looked like her picture. Fast forward 12 hours, 1 box of prophylactics, and a couple steaks, and my friend had the best birthday of his life. Amazing. I can not believe this stuff actually happens.

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