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Monday, August 15, 2005

Long Island Hijinx

Went to the old' Long Island to visit the girlfriend for Saturday night and the majority of Sunday. Great times. I've missed her more lately - she lives on LI and I live in Manhattan, so seeing each other is a special treat. Soon, she'll move back into the city to go to school and we'll be at arm length. Though I enjoy visiting her in the Hamptons, it isn't a whole lot of fun when you don't have a yacht and a few thousand dollars to blow.

Entertainments (hard to find on Long Island)
Slumming it and eating at the Olive Garden. Always a good time with the great buttery breadsticks and chairs with little rolling wheels on them. Our waiter was somewhat friendly which was a plus, but he sat us at a table without napkins and then carded me when I ordered a pint of beer.

Target. They seriously need one in Manhattan. I'm sick and tired of paying $4.79 for a $2.99 bottle of shampoo.

The End. More entertainments to come. Roommate and best friend moving back into my apartment this Tuesday. Ridiculousness and alcohol poisoning, University of Arizona style.


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